Alumni and Student Accomplishments

Cindy Guillaume, Ed.D.

Melanie Shaw, Ph.D.

Tracey Johnson

Tracey Johnson

John Orlando

John Orlando

NCU Administration

  • Melanie Shaw, Ph.D. (University Ombudsperson) received the Wagner Award for Outstanding Instructional Support at the Distance Learning Administration Conference.
  • Tracey Johnson (Director, Faculty Resource Center), and Rebecca Adams (Associate Director, Faculty Resource Center) will be presenting an information session at the 20th Annual International Conference on Online Learning in Orlando, October 29-31. Their session, titled “Can Faculty Development Change Online Teaching?” explores the impact of the Faculty Resource Center’s training courses on faculty perceptions and practices.
  • John Orlando (Associate Director, Faculty Resource Center) is providing the keynote address, as well as two workshops, at the Learning and Teaching with Technology Expo in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., on December 18.
  • Greg Bradley’s, Ph.D. (Vice President of the Office of Research and Dean of Institutional Research) proposal entitled "A Cultural Relativistic Perspective Toward Reform in Modern Day Cuba: The Potential Sociocultural-Economic Paradox" has been accepted for oral presentation and publication in the conference proceedings of the 2015 International Business Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


  • Carter F. Smith, J.D., (PhD, Business Administration, December, 2010) has been hired as a Professor and the Community College Outreach Program Administrator with the department of Criminal Justice, Middle Tennessee State University.
  • Carol M. Booton (Ph.D., Business Administration / Marketing, 2013) started Service Quality Marketing Research & Communications (SQMRC), a marketing research firm, this past January.
  • Ajay Nangalia (Ph.D., Education, Organizational Leadership, 2008), published the book A Fat Guy’s Guide to Fitness.
  • James Sapp (Ph.D., Psychology, 2011) has been named Psychology Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor for undergraduate psychology studies at King University.
  • Eric Stoddard (M.B.A., Human Resources Management, 2014), published the book 30 Pounds in 40 Days.
  • Lou Fletcher (Ph.D., Education, 2008) has accepted the role of District Central Office Administrator charged with coordinating cultural capacity for a Colorado Springs School District.
  • Michael Robbins (M.B.A., Human Resources Management, 2013 and D.B.A., candidate) was hired at the San Diego County Office of Education supervising the implementation of a major ERP program.
  • Barry Chametzky’s (Ph.D., Education / Education Technology and E-Learning, 2013) article "Andragogy and Engagement in Online Learning: Tenets and Solutions", was published in the journal Creative Education.
  • Barbara Yalof’s (Ed.D., Education Technology and E-Learning, 2012) article "Marshaling Resources: A Grounded Theory Study of Online Learners" was published in the Grounded Theory Review. Yalof is an adjunct instructor at the American College of Education in Educational Technology and Instructional Design.
  • Lynette L. Olson (Ed.D., Educational Leadership, 2008) has been invited to serve on the Online and Digital Learning Advisory Council for the state of Minnesota, appointed as a member of the council by the Commissioner of Education until 2016.
  • Karina Cortes (MBA, 2012) accepted a position providing administrative support to the Vice President/General Manager of MundoFox10 - KYVV San Antonio.
  • Lynda Foley (Ph.D., Education - Training and Development Leadership, 2014) serves as Manager Technical and Simulated Training for the Operations Division of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. She also teaches Aviation Management and Human Resources at Embry-Riddle University, and serves on panels of National Academy of Sciences: Transportation Research Board and Society of Applied Learning Technology.
  • Robert Abel, Jr. (Ph.D., Psychology) was promoted to Dean of Academic Affairs for DeVry University (Sherman Oaks Metro).
  • Kirby Reutter’s (Ph.D., Psychology, 2012) book Effects on Spirituality & Religiosity on Stress, Anxiety, Depression – Mediation, Moderation or Moderated Mediation is now available on Amazon for purchase.


  • Brian Shrawder (Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, candidate) has been hired by Seabrook House West as a Primary Therapist in an extended drug and alcohol program for men.
  • David Czubza (Ed.D., Leadership in Higher Education, candidate) has accepted the position of full-charge bookkeeper with Terra Organica.
  • Victoria Hailey Hailey (Ph.D., Business Administration / Marketing, candidate) has been promoted to Director, Multichannel Marketing Strategy at Taylor Corporation.
  • Tim Powers (Ph.D., Business Administration, Homeland Security Leadership & Policy, candidate) has accepted a full time faculty position with Saint Leo University teaching criminal justice and homeland security courses.
  • William Jackson (Ed.D., candidate) has been named District 15 Vice-Commander, assisting and advising American Legion Post 3.
  • Todd Vick (M.Ed., Curriculum and Teaching, candidate) was promoted to full time Faculty Lecturer at Midlands Technical College.
  • Jan Michael U (D.B.A., candidate) was promoted to Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager.
  • Matthew Potter (Ph.D., Business Administration / Organizational Leadership, candidate) has been promoted to the District Manager of the Pacific Northwest with Brooks Brothers.
  • Olivia Russell (M.A.M.F.T., General Family Therapy, candidate) launched a clothing line and debuted their first collection in a fashion runway Competition.
  • Emilie Bell (D.B.A., Industrial Organizational Psychology, candidate) was named President of Public Relations for their Toastmasters club at Freddie Mac.
  • Raj Agrawal (Ph.D., Business Administration / Management, candidate) was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force.
  • Usha Jagannathan’s (Ph.D., Education / Education Technology and E-Learning, candidate) article was published in Distance Learning.
  • Rick Pennington, CMQ/OE, CQE (D.B.A., Management of Engineering and Technology, candidate) received his ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer certification.