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ASC for Help at the Academic Success Center

This summer, NCU rolled out the Academic Success Center (ASC), a one-stop spot for all NCU academic support services. The ASC is located at > The Commons and Other Resources > Academic Success Center.

The ASC offers services and resources to help NCU students develop their self-directed learner skills and successfully complete their degree programs.

Included in the ASC is a library of resources for students – and even faculty – on scholarly writing, critical thinking, academic integrity, APA formatting as well as guidance on how to understand Turnitin reports, correcting improper paraphrasing, dynamic table of content design and a host of other resources. (Smarthinking tutoring services are still available, and are located within the ASC.)

One of the most exciting features of the new ASC is academic coaching for both scholarly writing and statistics. The ASC employs academic coaches who are experts in their fields. NCU students can take advantage of this academic coaching in one of three ways:

ASC Hours

The ASC is open Thursday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Arizona time).

  • Online (live, synchronous) coaching with audio, video, chat, and an online whiteboard. These sessions are conducted using WebEx. Students receive an email with a link from their coach 10 minutes prior to their session. All sessions are 45-60 minutes.
  • eTutoring (asynchronous) coaching where coaches provide 10-15 minutes of a recorded screencast in response to a student’s request. The screencast shows the coach talking to students about their work while scrolling through it and highlighting text.
  • A quick Chat by Phone. The ASC Manager is available to help students understand Turnitin reports, MS Word formatting, creating a dynamic table of contents, and other matters. No appointment is needed for this; students can call Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. -5 p.m. (888-327-2877 ext. 8052).

To book a session with an academic coach, students will need to create an account at > The Commons and Other Resources > Academic Success Center > How to Register for Coaching Services.

Grammarly Now Available
for NCU Students

NCU and the Academic Service Center (ASC) are excited to announce a new writing tool, free-of-charge, for its students: Grammarly.

Grammarly is an online grammar website that allows students to upload their papers for grammar analysis. Grammarly reviews the text and provides students with a written report highlighting each error and providing an explanation of the error. Suggestions on how to rephrase a statement correctly are also provided.

Grammarly, which is available today, can be accessed at > The Commons and Other Resources > Academic Success Center > Grammarly.

NCU students will need NCU’s access code, RfsvdpL6gyUBoKrw, to access the service.

Students and Faculty
Begin Connecting in The Commons

As of the end of September, all NCU students and faculty (core and adjunct) have access to The Commons.

The Commons is a new, social and academic space for NCU Community Members. Located within, The Commons allows students, faculty (core and adjunct) plus NCU team members to connect with each other, share and contribute to academic conversations on a variety of topics.

The Commons allows you to:

  • Follow various communities
  • Read what others are doing, thinking and researching
  • Start a conversation on a topic of interest
  • And, meet - virtually - with faculty and students from all the NCU schools

The Commons platform today is a foundation for our vision of what it will become. The Commons is NCU’s space; its growth and success are ours to create. You can think of the platform today as the framing of a new building; as The Commons grows, we will add new rooms and finishes.

As a Professional Learning Community (PLC), The Commons differs from the University’s other social channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). LinkedIn offers the chance to network with your connection’s connections, Facebook let’s friends stay in touch, and Twitter allows users to share exciting news in 140 characters or less (#TheCommons!).

The Commons however, was designed to promote discussions of an academic nature amongst the NCU community. While LinkedIn might help you find a job, we hope The Commons will help you find a research partner, a co-author for an academic journal article, or develop new insights through academic discourse.

5 Helpful Grammar Apps

Grammar Girl

This app allows users to listen to (or read) grammar-centric content and lessons by grammar girl Mignon Fogarty. Available on iTunes for $1.99.

Word Wit

Not sure which is correct, lay or lie? Download Word Wit explanations, examples and quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding. Available on iTunes for $.99.

Grammar Up

Need a quick tutorial on conjunctions and conditionals plus how and when to use them? Then consider downloading Grammar Up. Available on iTunes for $4.99.

Easy Bib

Easy Bib scans a books ISBN barcode and generates references and citations for MLA, APA and Chicago Style. Available on iTunes for free.


Read a great article with interesting statistic or facts? Quickly save a link to it with Pocket. Pocket saves articles, videos, webpages and more. Available on iTunes for free.

While your educational journey may be over (for now), for your family members, theirs might be continuing.

Don’t whisper it; shout it out loud!
Finally, an Alumni Benefit Worth Shouting About

Hey Northcentral University Alumni – you, your family members and your friends are eligible for preferred tuition rates at NCU. Now that’s worth shouting about!

Our alumni preferred tuition rate
As a graduate of NCU, you’re entitled to a preferred tuition rate on future degrees (10% off the stated program tuition). That’s ten percent off a second or even third degree –or perhaps a certificate of advanced graduate study?

A preferred tuition rate for your family members
While your educational journey may be over (for now), for your family members, theirs might be continuing.

NCU allows you to share your preferred tuition rate benefit (10%) with more than one member of your immediate family. This includes your spouse, domestic partner, children and/or grandchildren. Plus, if later on you decide you’re ready for that next degree, you can still apply the preferred tuition to your own education.

To take advantage of this alumni benefit, your family members should contact Alanna Vitucci at

And, we haven’t forgotten your friends
Our friends are also our family.

At NCU, we recognize the unique role of friends in our lives. So we allow our alumni to share their education benefit with their friends too. To find out how to share this benefit with your friends, please contact Alanna Vitucci at This special code, unique to you, will allow your friends to take advantage of your preferred tuition rate.