Administration and Alumni Accomplishments

NCU Administration

  • James Billings, PhD (Dean, School of Marriage and Family Sciences) was elected Chair of the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education and will begin serving in this new role on January 1, 2016.
  • Linda D. Bloomberg, EdD (Associate Director, Faculty Support and Development, School of Education) will have her book Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation: A Road Map from Beginning to End (Sage) published in 3rd edition this year. She will be including NCU ASC webinars as electronic content with the textbook.
  • James M. Dorris, PhD (Interim Provost & Chief Academic Officer) recently announced the results of the Faculty Senate elections. Two senators from each school serve alternating two-year terms. Additionally, each school’s Adjunct Council chooses a chair who also serves as a senator for two years. The composition of the 2015-2016 Faculty Senate is:
    • For the School of Business and Technology Management, newly elected Dr. Michael Voris will be joining Dr. David Moore, who is serving in his second year. Dr. Gabrielle Suboch has been elected as the school’s adjunct Faculty Senate representative, and she has also been chosen to serve as secretary of the Faculty Senate.
    • For the School of Education, Dr. Robin Throne will join Dr. Lisa St. Louis, who will serve in her second year. Dr. Brian Oddi was elected to serve as the school’s adjunct Faculty Senate representative.
    • For the Graduate School, Dr. Judith Converso has been elected to a two-year term, and she has also been chosen as chair of the Faculty Senate. She will join Dr. Linnea Rademaker, who will serve in her second year.
    • For the School of Marriage and Family Sciences, Dr. Patricia Postanowicz will join Dr. Lisa Kelledy, who will serve in her second year. Dr. Andrew (Drew) Jamieson has been elected as the school’s adjunct Faculty Senate representative.
    • For the School of Psychology, Dr. Barb D’Elia has been elected to join Dr. Jeannine Klein, who will serve in her second year. Dr. Joan Hageman was elected as the department’s adjunct Faculty Senate representative.


  • Peter Tsahiridis, MA (Psychology, 2013) has authored two books. Be-Coming Freshman, Necessary Life Skills for College Students, co-authored with his wife Kristine Tsahiridis, was written to help freshmen navigate through their first year of college successfully. His new history text book, United States History to 1877: Events that Motivated the American People will be released in Spring 2016.
  • David English, PhD's (Business Administration, 2015) dissertation, “Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise Marketing to Foreign Consumers in Seoul South Korea” was published in the October issue of Transnational Marketing Journal, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.
  • Richard Horwitz, MBA (Management, 2014) has joined McCann School of Business & Technology as campus director in Allentown, PA. Horwitz will oversee all campus operations, including supervision of the admissions, academic, financial services and career services departments.
  • Todd Treichel, PhD (Business Administration, 2015) received a NASA grant to conduct work on his dissertation “Analysis of Light Emitting Diode Technology for Aerospace Suitability in Human Space Flight Applications.” NASA may soon approve LED lights to replace fluorescents for space flight applications following Treichel’s testing.