School Briefs
Quarterly Highlights from NCU

NCU Names Two New Deans

John Neal, EdD, has been selected as Northcentral University’s Dean for the School of Education.

Dr. Neal earned an EdD in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University (George Peabody College of Education), a Master of Arts in Music Education from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Church Music and Biblical Studies from Welch College (magna cum laude).

Dr. Neal comes to NCU with a vast background in educational leadership. For more than 25 years, he has led in the development of educational content for adult learners through campus-based programs, online delivery, and satellite campuses throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Throughout his career, Dr. Neal has served a number of highly entrepreneurial private colleges in a variety of roles, including Dean at Webster University and President of Ottawa University, Maryville University, and Kaplan University's home campus. Prior to his founding of JenEd Consulting, he served as President of Capital Education, where he assisted colleges and universities in the strategic planning and development of virtual learning environments. In this role, he facilitated program planning, design, market analysis and modeling, the selection of learning platforms, course design, and the integration of effective online pedagogies.

Dr. Neal officially joined NCU on April 3, 2017.

J. Robert Sapp, EdD was named the Founding Dean of NCU’s new School of Technology.

Dr. Sapp earned a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science in Educational Technology from Johns Hopkins University, and both a Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

Dr. Sapp brings a distinguished background in technology to NCU. He served as Vice President of Learning Analytics and Educational Statistics, and Vice President of Learning Technology at K-12, Inc., a leading online provider for secondary schools. He served as Vice President of Learning Technology at Laureate Education, Inc. He previously served as Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology at the University of Maryland University College, in Adelphi, MD, where enrollments exceeded 180,000 students.

Dr. Sapp joined NCU on May 1, 2017, and has begun overseeing the launch of NCU’s new School of Technology.

NCU Participates in WSCUC’s New Community of Practice for Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility

Beginning in spring 2017, the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), with funding from Lumina Foundation, launched a new Community of Practice for Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility. This provided an opportunity for institutional teams from the WSCUC region to participate in an online Community of Practice to lend support, guidance, and consulting around projects related to assessing student learning and demonstrating visibility of that learning.

Northcentral University is proud to announce that it participated in the first Community of Practice for Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility project. Five NCU professors—Dr. Heather Hussey, Director of Research Curriculum; Dr. Elaine Willerton, Director of Assessment, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Dr. Patricia Henry, Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. John LaNear, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs; and Dr. Raymond Rodriguez, Associate Provost for Academic Operations, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness—presented Increasing Student Learning Across the University: Closing the Loop on Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes.

School of Business and Technology Management

  • Jodine Marie Burchell, PhD, led the Doctoral Colloquium at the 2017 ICIRS Conference, Silver Springs, MD. She also presented “Demystifying the Proposal” at the Doctoral Colloquium.
  • Richard Dool, DMgt, and colleague, presented “How Complexity Science Can Help Organizations and Leaders” at the International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB) Conference, New Orleans, LA. They also presented “Leadership Lessons from College Athletics” at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD) Conference, New Orleans, LA. In addition, Dr. Dool presented “Leaders vs Managers: A Four Lens Perspective” at the International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB) Conference, London, and presented “Impactful Cohort and Dialogue Intensive Learning” at the 32nd Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, Madison, WI.
  • Charles Fenner, PhD, presented “To Hell with Bayes—Why Religion Can’t Move Forward on Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Inclusiveness” at the (Dis)Enfranchised Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Conference, Canton, NY.
  • Robert E. Levasseur, PhD, presented the keynote address, “Principles and Practices of a World-Class Scholar-Practitioner,” at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies, Silver Spring, MD.
  • John Orlando, PhD, delivering the keynote and two workshops at the Teaching With Technology Conference, University of British Columbia School of Medicine, May 2017. In addition, Dr. Orlando will host three events at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference: How to Create Educational Videos; Spotlight discussion on The Best Video Formats for Online Teaching; Voice and Screencasting Feedback for Better Learning, in Madison, WI, in August 2017.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Patricia Heisser Metoyer, PhD, was selected to attend the Yale University Class Leadership Strategies in Magazine Media Publishing. She is a Ms. Magazine Feminist Scholar, and will receive recognition from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) at the Outstanding Alumni Awards ceremony this year.
  • Annabelle Goodwin, PhD, and Melissa Sledge, MBA and colleagues from Ashford University and UC San Diego, were invited to speak at the 2017 WASC conference about Diversity and Inclusion in the Digital Realm.
  • Yulia Watters, PhD, and Darren Adamson, PhD, presented their poster presentation on Faculty Efficiency from Students’ Perspective: A Case Study for WASC 2017.
  • Elaine Willerton, PhD, and Brandon Lyons, MS, presented a poster at the WSCUC Academic Resource Conference entitled, “Addressing a Global Crisis through Online Graduate Education: Design and Assessment.”

School of Education

  • Shad Bailey, PhD, EdD, has served as the organist at Church of the Incarnation in Great Falls, Montana since January 2017.
  • Bruce Barnhart, EdD, attended the NCAA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN in January 2017, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities annual meeting for Chief Academic Officers in San Diego, CA, in February 2017, and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Winter Meeting for Provosts in San Diego, CA, in February 2017. Dr. Barnhart was also recently named Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Cal-Ed Federal Credit Union in California, PA.
  • Stewart Benjamin, former NCU doctoral student and Alexandru Spatariu, PhD, published “English Language Educators Developing Learning Networks via Technology: A Qualitative Multiple Case Study,” in International Journal of Education 5(1), 1-21, (2017).
  • William Biddington, EdD, attended the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association (EATA) annual meeting and symposium in Philadelphia, PA in January 2017, the education and business sessions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) annual meeting in Nashville, TN in January 2017, the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) education meeting, in Boston, MA in March 2017, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regional rules and compliance education sessions in Harrisonburg, VA in March 2017.
  • Janet Boberg, EdD, attended High Performance CPR University, University of Arizona School of Medicine in Phoenix, AZ in March 2017, and participated in Intersections: Preventing Harassment and Sexual Violence (EDU-US) at Northern Arizona University in March 2017.
  • Linda Collins, EdD, and team were selected as Innovation of the Year for Mesa Community College 2017. The innovation is a data-informed approach to do the greatest good for the greatest number of students using five scalable strategies. The team competes at the District level in April 2017 and, if selected, has a chance to continue to the National Innovation of the Year competition.
  • Linda K. Cummins, PhD, and a colleague, published Social Work Skills for Beginning Direct Practice: Text, Workbook and Interactive Multimedia Case Studies, 4th edition, Pearson Education, 2017.
  • Patricia J. Davis, PhD, and two colleagues, presented a series of five workshops on “The Foundations of Reading” to the PSS of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands from January through March 2017. Dr. Davis was also selected as a 2017 International Facilitation Fellow for the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas.
  • Robert George, PhD, was the proposal reviewer for the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME), reviewing 18 proposals for an upcoming conference.
  • Robin Hale, PhD, is a member of the Arizona Organization of Nurse Executives, February 2017.
  • John Johnson, PhD, presented “Preparing Our Students and Colleagues to Succeed in a Time of Rapid Change” at the conference “Aprendizaje en un tiempo de cambio” [Education in the time of change] at Montevideo University, Humanities and Education Faculty, January 2017. Dr. Johnson and a colleague also presented “Online Education and Blended Learning in the USA: Approaches and Quality Control” at the 6th International Scientific Conference on Idealized Design: Redesigning Higher Education, Kraków, Poland, EU in San Juan, Puerto Rico in January 2017.
  • Sylvia Lyles, PhD, participated in the Federal Programs Round Table Discussion, National League of Cities/2017 Congressional City Conference, March 2017.
  • Gary McDaniel, EdD, is the Editor at Journal of Business Leadership Today.
  • Lisa Reason, PhD, and two colleagues published “Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom: a Blueprint for Learning Online Grades K-12,” Solution Tree, Bloomington, IN, 2017.
  • Debbie Smith, EdD, and colleague, presented two poster sessions at the BMC Faculty Showcase; the first entitled "Working at Assessment" and the second, "Exploring Differing Viewpoints and Perceptions in a Diverse Classroom."
  • Alexandru Spatariu, PhD, and two associates published “Resilience and Emotional Intelligence between First Generation College Students and Non-first Generation College Students” in FOCUS On Colleges, Universities, and Schools 11(1), 1-10 (2017). In addition, Dr. Spatariu and Stewart Benjamin, former NCU doctoral student, published “English Language Educators Developing Learning Networks via Technology: A Qualitative Multiple Case Study” in International Journal of Education 5(1), 1-21, (2017).
  • Robin Throne, EdD, and Brian Oddi PhD, presented a poster session, "The Situated Dissertation Advising Framework for Improved Doctoral Completion in a School of Education” at the 1st Annual Conference on Academic Research in Education in Las Vegas, NV. Contributors to the session included C. Jerome Fore, PhD; Cynthia Akagi, PhD; Linda D. Bloomberg, PhD; M. C. Clowes, PhD; Andy Riggle, PhD; Lisa St. Louis, PhD; Melanie Shaw, PhD; and colleagues.
  • Steven Watts, PhD and Linda K. Bowlin, PhD, presented “Agency, Socialization, and Support: A Critical Review of Doctoral Student Attrition” at the 3rd International Conference on Doctoral Education, University of Central Florida, Orlando. Paper co-authors included School of Education Professor, Robin Throne, PhD; Kenneth R. Rigler, 2014 PhD in Education; and Karen Sweat, 2014 EdD.
  • Julia Weinberg, PhD, attended The Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization and the Oregon Coalition for the Responsible Use of Prescription Medication - Opiod Summit, April 2016.
  • Tracy Ljone Whitted, PhD, published “Eating Disorder Education and Treatment: Perceptions of Female Athletes” in SHAPE Florida: Society of Health and Physical Educators, Winter 2017.
  • Denise Winsor, PhD, and colleague published “Student/Patient: The School Perceptions of Children with Cancer,” Educational Studies, 2 (111-129). doi 10.1080/03055698.2017.1312288 (2017). Dr. Winsor, along with a colleague, published “Exploring the Counter-Stories of African American Men: Using a Hip-Hop Narrative Inquiry Approach to Qualitative Research,” SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi 10.4135/9781473956070. (2017). Finally, Dr. Winsor and colleagues published “Using Data-Informed Instruction to Drive Education: Keeping Catholic Education a Viable and Educationally Sound Option in Challenging Times,” Journal of Catholic Education, 20 (1). doi. 10.15365/joce.2001172016. (2017)