Finding Your
Study Space

Written by Kara Hawking

Seeking out the perfect study space for your needs is a great first step to ensuring your academic success! Every student is different, but keeping a few things in mind when selecting your space can help even the most reluctant scholar.

Figure Out What Makes You Tick and Use It!

Use what you know about yourself to select the best setting for your success.

Some students prefer complete silence, while others enjoy a little background noise. Then there are those like NCU student Carolann Carruthers Hampton (Ed.D.), who can pull it off in a room full of family! Hampton manages to combine school and family time by studying “on the couch with headphones and classical music. This way [she] can still be with [her] children!”

Make the Best of What You’ve Got!

Take a look around your home and think creatively.

Many students don’t have enough space in their homes to dedicate an entire room to studying, so becoming resourceful is a must. Current NCU student Lisa Stitzel Brown (M.A.Psy). shares, “I do most of my reading in the laundry room while doing laundry.”

If All Else Fails, Do It On The Go!

Evaluate your day for hidden down-time and take advantage of it.

Almost everyone spends time waiting for food at a restaurant, sitting in a stylist’s chair, or riding in the car to work. Use this time to listen to a lecture or take a few notes (but not while driving!). This seemingly useless time adds up by the end of the week!

If you’re still struggling with finding the perfect space, keep in mind that your options are endless. As an online student at NCU, you’re not confined to the four walls of the library or lecture hall – your studies are wherever you choose to be.