Keeping in Touch
As a Virtual Student

Written by Alexis Castorina

As a current NCU student or alum, you recognize the flexibility and other benefits of online education. But, at times you may feel a little disconnected from faculty, fellow students and alumni. This can be especially true if you pursued your undergraduate and/or graduate degree at a brick and mortar university where group projects and face-to-face interaction were standard. However, there are a number of resources outside of email that you can take advantage of to maintain a stronger bond with the NCU family.

Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all excellent tools for staying connected.

NCU’s Facebook page is a hub for photos, videos, events, curriculum changes, career resources, and information on faculty, students and alumni.

Twitter is a link to everything NCU – in 140 characters or less.

NCU’s LinkedIn group offers discussion and sub groups specifically for students, alumni and faculty. To find NCU on LinkedIn, search for Northcentral University in groups. If there’s not a sub group already created for an area you’re interested in, start your own and invite others to join.

Courseroom Connections

In each Courseroom, you can click on the “Learner’s” tab. It lists those currently taking the class, and those who have completed it in the past year. Click on the plus sign and you can use Compass email to contact them.

Alumni Connections

To learn more about NCU’s Alumni Association, visit our Alumni Association page or contact Alanna Vitucci, University Communications & Alumni Relations, at avitucci@ncu.edu or alumni@ncu.edu