A Mentorship Journey

Written by Rick Rapier

Northcentral University master’s student Monika Kobylarz has learned a great deal about herself and from the “amazing” benefits of the mentoring relationships she has formed with her faculty members.

Monika Kobylarz (MAPsy, student)

While studying law in her native Poland, Kobylarz’ world was turned upside down by the sudden death of her beloved father, who had instilled in her the dream of an advanced degree. Facing dire circumstances, Kobylarz had to drop out of law school and move to the U.S. to help support her mother and younger brother. With just one year of law school under her belt and only rudimentary English skills, she soon found herself struggling to survive by cleaning houses.

After a few years of marriage to an American man and devotion to her stepchildren, and through the encouragement of her sister-in-law, Kobylarz enrolled in community college. With the further inspiration of a mentor there, Kobylarz not only excelled as a student, she was invited to join the honors society Phi Theta Kappa International, became an international speaker representing the group to students, and received a full scholarship to Arizona State University.

Upon graduation with her bachelor’s degree, Kobylarz decided to act on her dream and sought out an innovator in education for the next venue in her academic journey. She decided on NCU, when after a two-hour conversation with her enrollment advisor, she was convinced that the mentoring model NCU embraced was the perfect fit for her. Having now gained additional mentors in her faculty members, and experiencing what she describes as “the perfect” educational journey, Kobylarz looks forward to earning her Ph.D. from Northcentral University!