The Mentoring Issue

The principals of mentorship guide the educational experience of each and every student at Northcentral University. Through our unique one-to-one teaching and learning model, faculty members are mentors and students become mentees in each and every course. It is through this model that our faculty members have the honor of impacting the academic, personal and professional lives of each of their students.

In this issue of Higher Degrees, we celebrate the mentors, the mentees and the positive impact of this unique bond. We spoke to MEd student Jenifer Evans, who overcame personal obstacles through the help of a mentor and now mentors young children in Hawaii; MAMFT student Scott Simpson, who dedicates his life to mentoring through pastoral ministry and fondly remembers one of his favorite experiences; PhD in MFT candidate Chaplain (Major) Michael Baumann, who encourages others through mentorship in the US Army; and finally MAPsy student Monika Kobylarz, who relates her personal experience with mentoring via Higher Degrees’ first video interview.

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