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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

In January 2016, NCU announced the merger of its Department of Psychology and School of Marriage and Family Sciences into a larger School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS).

Throughout 2015, NCU’s faculty, curriculum development experts and administration worked together to develop a plan to maximize resources and synergies. The resulting decision was to merge the Department of Psychology and the School of Marriage and Family Sciences. NCU has done so in order to increase the resources within both schools and to expand the scope of future academic offerings in the social sciences.

According to James Billings, PhD, Dean of the new School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the future looks even brighter for our students. “The merger of these two outstanding Schools lays the foundation for a stronger and larger School focused on social science.”

Billings explains, “This move will enable NCU to support new degrees in the social science field and create increased opportunities for cross-discipline research, course work, and academic pursuits for students and faculty. This is an exciting time in the development and growth at NCU, as we continue to pursue academic excellence in creative ways.”

According to Billings, this change will not have an impact on student degree plans or on services. This means there will be no changes to students’ assigned professor or academic advisor based on the creation of the SSBS. Students who were enrolled in the Department of Psychology are now enrolled in the Department of Psychology within SSBS. Similarly, students who were enrolled in the School of Marriage and Family Sciences become students of the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences within SSBS.

Department of Psychology

  • Miguel Richardo Fernandez, PhD, and a colleague, presented a short course on “Solution Spot Therapy: 5 Years On” at the 12th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Psychotherapy in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Deborah Circo, PhD, and a colleague, published “Measuring Happiness in Individuals with Profound Multiple Disabilities” in Research in Developmental Disabilities, pages 117–125.
  • Richard Remedios, PhD, and two associates, published “The Enabling and Protective Role of Academic Buoyancy in the Appraisal of Fear Appeals Used Prior to High Stakes Examinations” in School Psychology International, pages 605–619.
  • Richard Remedios, PhD, and two associates, published “Experiencing Fear Appeals as a Challenge or a Threat Influences Attainment Value and Academic Self-Efficacy” in Learning and Instruction, pages 21–28.
  • Stephanie Wallio, PhD, and Danielle Doyle (doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology) presented a research poster on Doyle's dissertation, "The Lived Experiences of the Non-Victim Sibling in Cases of Intra-Familial Child Sexual Abuse," at the Southeastern Psychological Association Annual Conference in New Orleans in March.

Department of Marriage and Family Sciences

  • Northcentral University’s Department of Marriage and Family Sciences hosted an online guest lecture titled “EMDR Therapy for the Treatment of Trauma and Psychological Stress.” Presented by Erika Smith-Marek, PhD, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the lecture provided an introduction to EMDR Therapy, an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder.

School of Business and Technology Management

  • The School of Business and Technology Management (SBTM) developed a speaker series to showcase leaders from around the globe, sharing their expertise and candor about their industry and career. These videos can be viewed on the SBTM Community Exchange – Speaker Series page on NCU’s website.
  • John Orlando, PhD, was quoted in the U.S. News and World Report article, “Explore Project-Based Learning in Online Education,” published on March 11, 2016. In addition, his article titled “A Comparison of Text, Voice, and Screencasting Feedback to Online Students” will be published in the American Journal of Distance Education.
  • Linnea Rademaker, PhD, along with colleagues Jennifer Duffy, PhD (School of Education), Elizabeth Metzler, PhD (Department of Psychology), and Leah Wickersham-Fish, PhD (School of Education), presented the findings from their research about establishing trust with doctoral students at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association held in Washington, D.C. on April 8–12. The title of their presentation was “Finding Empathy as We Guide Doctoral Students and Repair Mentor/Mentee Relationships: Using Rusbult’s Model to Explore Our Work.”
  • Frank Appunn, PhD, along with several colleagues, published a paper in January titled "Applying Constant Comparative Method with Multiple Investigators and Inter-Coder Reliability” in The Qualitative Report, pages 26–42.
  • Milton Kabia, PhD, presented at the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • David Johnson, PhD, co-authored an article, along with Dina Samora, PhD (School of Education), titled “The Potential Transformation of Higher Education Through Computer-Based Adaptive Learning Systems, which was published in the Global Education: Critical Thinking Series.

School of Education

  • Northcentral University professors presented a white paper titled “The Shifting Customer: A Theoretical Model for Online Curriculum Development” at the Eighth International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The paper was presented by Melanie Shaw, PhD, Heather Frederick, PhD, Peter Bradley, PhD, Andrew Carpenter, PhD, and Corey Carpenter, Associate Director, Legal Affairs.
  • Linda Bloomberg, EdD, along with a colleague, had the third edition of their book, Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation: A Road Map from Beginning to End, published.
  • Kelley Walters, PhD, and Patricia Henry, PhD, published “Critical Analysis of Embedded Feedback from Online Doctoral Instructors on Benchmark Major Assessments” in International Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Educational Research, pages 89–102.
  • Alexandru Spatariu, PhD, along with two colleagues, published “Further Classification and Methodological Considerations of Evaluations for Online Discussion in Instructional Settings” in the Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, pages 43–52.