School Briefs
Quarterly Highlights from NCU

School of Business & Technology Management

  • Nahid Kalbasi Anaraki, PhD, published “Foreign Debt in EU Periphery, Roots and Remedies: A New Strategy” in Journal of Finance Economics and “Does Dodd Frank Act Affect Macroeconomic Variables,” in Journal of Global Economy.
  • Efosa Osayamwen, PhD, obtained a designation for FIP (Fellow Information Privacy), and was appointed for a two-year term as a Co-Chair of the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) Philadelphia KnowledgeNet Chapter.
  • Gabriele Suboch, PhD, authored the book Real World Crime Scene Investigation: A Step-by-Step Procedure Manual, published June 2016, through CRC Press.

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Bettina Shapira, PhD, presented “Therapeutic Treatment Protocol for Enuresis Implications for Counselors” at the 67th Annual Convention of the Florida Counseling Association in Orlando, Florida.
  • Yulia Watters, PhD, published “Qualitative Research” in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling.

School of Education

  • Linda Bloomberg, EdD, Monifa Beverly, PhD, Robin Buckley, PhD, Linda Cummins, PhD, Leslie Curda, PhD, Dina Samora, EdD, C. Jerome Fore, PhD, Robert George, PhD, Miranda Jennings, PhD, Carrie Lloyd, PhD, Thomas Pucci, PhD, Lisa St. Louis, PhD, Brigit Fowler, Andy Riggle, PhD, Julian Watkins, PhD, Lorraine Cleeton, PhD, Linda Collins, EdD, Cary Gillenwater, PhD, David Hildebrandt, PhD, Tracy Ljone, PhD, and Anthony Pellegrini, EdD were virtual attendees at the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference in Orlando, Florida.
  • Maggie Broderick, PhD, presented on “Creatively Gifted Children and 21st Century Skills” at the PAGE (PA Association for Gifted Education) Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Michele Herrera, EdD, co-presented “So You Want to Write a Children’s Book?” at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference in Los Angeles, California.
  • David Hildebrandt, PhD, was a Peer Reviewer for “mLearn 2016: International Association for Mobile Learning” in Sydney, Australia.
  • John Johnson, PhD, presented “Perspective on the Leadership of Women in Ukraine Over the Last 25 Years with a Focus on Entrepreneurship” at the Kyiv National Economic University round table “Ukraine Over 25 Years of Independence: Communities, Political Pluralism, and Society” in Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • Tim Kelly, EdD, attended the Online Learning Symposium in SUNY Stonybrook, New York.
  • Deborah Nelson, PhD, attended “Legal and Ethical Issues in School Psychology,” at the Maryland School Psychology Association’s Annual Fall Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Tina Pitt, EdD, was a Peer Reviewer in “Leading and Managing Change in Educational Organizations,” at the University of the West Indies, Open Campus, in Bridgetown, Barbados and for the Online Learning Journal, the official journal of the Online Learning Consortium.
  • Lisa Reason, PhD, and two colleagues, published “Cyberbullying in Rural Communities: Origin and Processing Through the Lens of Older Adolescents” in The Qualitative Report.
  • Richard Schuttler, PhD, authored Strategies and Tips to Complete a Complete a Doctoral Program, November 2016.
  • Richard Schuttler, PhD, authored and presented a 12-lesson webinar series on Understanding and Conducting Qualitative Research, October 2016.
  • Melanie Shaw, PhD, presented “Factors That Influence Student Attrition in Online Courses” at the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference in Orlando, Florida.
  • Alexandru Spatariu, PhD, and three colleagues, published “Further Classification and Methodological Considerations of Evaluations for Online Discussion in Instructional Settings,” in The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Sean W. Spear, EdD, presented “Compliance and Accreditation Success for Online Institutions” at the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference in Orlando, Florida.
  • Joanna Vance, PhD, received new certification in 6-12 Biology from the State of Colorado.